Why Not Franchise?

Benefits of starting your own daycare brand, as opposed to franchising:

  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Franchise Royalties
  • Low Startup Cost
  • No Policy Flexibility
  • No Mandatory Advertising Expenses
  • Open New Locations
  • Customize Learning Curriculum
  • Sell Your Business When You’d Like

Buying into an existing franchise can seem alluring.  Part of the attraction is how easy the initial setup process is.  Most of the grueling leg-work is already packaged, ready to go. Curriculum design, rates and fees, even marketing materials are all pre-curated.

Then you decide one day that you want to tailor your processes, you want to tweak design, or you want to build off that brand and expand.  These are the moments when you wish you would have read the franchise agreement’s fine print.

Despite all its appeal, buying into a franchise can be a frustrating limitation to anyone wanting to own, operate, and grow a business.