Consulting Services

Our business is to help you turn your business-owning dream into a profit-turning reality.  We do this by guiding you through every step, from business planning to future expansion, and every detail in-between.

Legal Setup

The first step, which can be daunting, is getting the legal paperwork setup for your business.  We will help to ensure that all the proper forms are filled out, signed, and submitted.

License & Permits

Once a physical space has been selected, we assist in the arduous and complicated process of applying for the proper licenses and permits to ensure it’s done properly without any unnecessary delays.


Another step that can be time-consuming and overwhelming is acquiring premises and liability insurance.  We will help you determine how much coverage you will need and in finding competitive rates.


We offer flexible in-house financing options to assist you in covering those large initial expenses to get your business started. Start your childcare with as low as 10% down.


Curriculum planning can be a time-consuming and mentally exhausting process.  We work with you to create an effective childcare plan, and help you to integrate your curriculum goals with your overall floorplan layout.


Regardless if you are building from a new foundation or renovating an existing location, we will work with contractors throughout the construction process. We inspect what we expect to ensure your construction goes smoothly.


We will help integrate technological solutions in order to ensure both security and efficiency, utilizing digital innovations to maximize your daily operations.


One of your most critical assets is the staff who will represent your brand day-to-day.  We will guide you in recruiting and vetting those who will be the face of your business.


Telling and promoting your brand’s story will be essential to your future success.  Our in-house marketing efforts will help you develop and execute an effective and cohesive marketing strategy.