About Us

In 2008, we opened our first childcare center in Texas – a 5,000 sq ft space in a retail strip center. Initially licensed for a max capacity of 84 children, within the first year we managed to expand into an 8,000 sq ft childcare center with a 175 child capacity!

In 2014, given the success of our first center, we decided to expand our brand by opening an additional 14,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility in a premier location in Texas. After running that center for three years, we sold our own branded concept for seven figures. We began this center with no experience, just a background in IT, Management and Staffing, and turned our vision into a seven-figure sale.

Following our initial success, we consulted a few close family members and friends, to walk them through starting their own brands. That is when we realized that as much as we loved running our own center, our true passion was in helping others achieve their own entrepreneurial dreams and how to find and retain the right teachers.

With our experience as independent daycare owners and operators, as well as additional backgrounds in real estate, financial consulting, childcare staffing we managed to develop a beginning-to-end process for launching self-sufficient childcare centers and a staffing model.

Our process not only helps entrepreneurs establish revenue-generating childcare centers but more importantly is designed to maximize recurring revenue for you, the owner. A successful childcare center, while helping to educate the children their care and instill positive values, also contributes to local economic development, providing job opportunities and potential for future growth.

With a proven brand building and staffing model, our purpose is to help those with dreams of owning their own business do so on their own terms – to create their own brand.

Let us help you set up your dream.